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whether +u're into forecast. >> says it has -- it has been an
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interesting morning. rain came through the area early on. there were numerous tornado warnings issued for the eastern shore. now that weather is well offshore. it is moving through delaware and pushing up to the north. you can see this area of low pressure dragging the entire storm system along. it feels almost tropical out there. you can clearly see this massive thunderstorm activity. it did have the potential to create tornados' early on. things have dried out now for us in baltimore. we still have higher than normal waves. a coastal flood advisory is in effect until 9:00 tonight. we are going to be improving as the afternoon progresses. we will be clearing throughout the afternoon.
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winds will be variable. it is still very mild out there, a 76-81 degrees. by the afternoon, waves could be churning up to 3 feet. 74 is the normal high for today. we are a little off the mark as far as that goes. it is still very mild. 91 degrees is the record set back in 1981. tonight's forecast gives us partly cloudy skies. things are getting quieter overnight and into the day tomorrow. it will be much cooler as far as temperatures go with light northwest winds. areas of low pressure are the impetus for all of this energy. there is a tornado watch from pennsylvania to new york. we are just below that strong a line of storms that came through
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that area earlier on. we have another system that is originating in the tropics. that is going to cause us problems later on in the week. this is a tropical depression no. 16. fors moving at a clipp export lauderdale. -- towards fort lauderdale. we have a good chance of showers and storms in the forecast thursday, friday, and even on saturday. by sunday and monday, much cooler. it will really feel like autumn as we head into october. 66 for a daytime high. >> our interactive radar can help you stay ahead of severe radar. -- of severe weather.
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you can check the forecast on the newest addition to the brand that reps from the headlines is "law and order, los angeles". we have actors from the show live in a los angeles to tell us more. the franchise just keeps rolling. >> welcome to los angeles. it keeps going. >> how do you think this series will be different than the others, or does los angeles provide enough of a difference in itself? >> certainly, it does. it is a much broader jurisdiction for the detectives. there is a lot more to hollywood than the entertainment business.
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therefore, there are a lot of stories to be mined from the beaches to the valleys to downtown. there is a lot

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